Our Wedding

The Gentlemen

The Ladies

Alan Leggett

Best Man

Well rounded, philosophical, wise beyond his years. You need an intelligent, informed, opinion? He can give you one. Since grade school we have spent a lot of time together, a lot of time apart, and our friendship has never veered course. You can find Alan recording professional musicians, dominating trails on a mountain bike, and splitting golf balls with a bullet from 100 yards. I could go on, but really you can forget all you've read or heard so far, all you need to know is that he’s the man.

Teresa Floberg

Maid of honor

Teresa is one of my sisters and the best Maid of Honor I could ask for!  After traveling extensively in South America during and after college, she surprised us all when she set her sights on Alaska and moved there last year.  By day Teresa is a Marketing Coordinator at Camp Denali & North Face Lodge, and by night she and her boyfriend Chris care for their 20 Greenland Huskies.  Ask Teresa about her typical day and you may hear about amazing Alaskan vistas and wildlife.  On the other hand, she may tell you about skiing a mile to her car when it's -30 degrees!

Kathleen Floberg


Question: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, what would it be?  Answer: My sister Kathleen!  Like her twin sister, Kath is a dog and nature lover who is exceptionally skilled at all things outdoors.  She is pursuing her Masters of Environmental Education and spending the summer developing kids through a YMCA camp in Wisconsin.  Kathleen and her dog, Smokey, spend the rest of the year in Duluth, MN where they dominate the running paths and cross-country ski trails.

Julia Floberg


The lovely Julia is my youngest sister and the sweetest of all.  She brings a softer touch to our family, and always finds ways to unite us through her music (and cooking!).  Julia currently lives in Boston and is working toward her Masters of Arts Administration at Boston University.  In her free time she loves to travel; she and her cello and/or ukulele have been to tons of exciting locations.  Julia is always thinking of others.  She made an immediate effort to welcome Andy to the family during a weekend trip to Phoenix, and even took him on a biking tour in our hometown of Minneapolis.  We are so lucky she will be here to celebrate as he officially becomes part of the family!

Rebecca Tischler


Rebecca gets credit for sparking our romance.  After knowing each of us for years she encouraged us to take the first step in our relationship, which turned out to be a trip to Mexico. We owe her so much, not just because of her match-making skills but also for setting a great example in her own life and marriage.  Andy and I had the honor of attending Rebecca and Dave's wedding in 2010 and since then she has managed to keep our social calendars full while preparing P.F. Changs' income taxes and - much more importantly - raising one-year-old Zander.  Rebecca is a great friend to us both and continues to be an important part of our relationship.

Katie Scallon


Katie and I were roommates in Europe during the summer of 2003.  During that time we bonded over our mutual love of the Midwest, Starbucks Chai, and Valentin (our better-third).  Equal parts brilliant and beautiful, Katie is a successful property manager in New York City.  Her adventurous spirit brought her from Madison to Tempe to New York, and has led the two of us on trips around the world.  There are a lot of things I wouldn't have done if not for Katie - running a marathon and taking hip hop dance classes included.  Katie is beyond generous in her friendship and instantly accepted Andy into our inner circle, so we could not be more thrilled to have her be a part of our special day!

Dave Tischler


Dave has been a friend like none other since we first cracked a Coors Light together some time in the year 2000. You need a ride, a shirt, a beer, a few bucks, a hundred bucks? Dave will be the first person to offer it to you. We have had more good times than I can remember. He has a contagious love for his family, animals, and accommodating others. 

Aaron Cuoco


You know him from such movies as Friday Night Fever, Fast Times at Glendale High, and House Party 4. He's a dance instigator/ party protagonist. If you need some energy forget the Red Bull, forget caffeine and sleep, just add Aaron. Wherever you are he will happily do what he can to make sure you are having a good time. Aaron is a solid friend that will make sure all his friends are your friends, especially if you're new in town like I once was.

Chris Anderson


A man with a heart of gold and a knack for finding fun in anything. If you are going on a road trip, to a concert, camping, biking, hiking, partying, lifting weights, boating, fishing, golfing, you name the game and Chris is down. He has a love for everything life has to offer and sharing that to the fullest with all those around him. Chris can put a smile on your face any time, and sometimes by accident.

Nick Stabek


You need something fixed? Can't get that old motor running? Need a getaway on a homemade raft? Nick can help you with that. Nick doesn't ask himself if he can rebuild a motorcycle, brew beer, make a didgeridoo, or create his own music tracks, he just does it. While he is doing that and more you will find Nick treating people and animals as if he has been on this Earth much longer,  though don’t be fooled as he is much younger than the rest of us. And he kind of loves dachshunds too.

November 1, 2014